Fast property selling questions

Fast property selling questions

Do you charge any money to buy my property?

No. We are not estate agents and hence do not charge you any commission or fee for you to sell your property to us. This zero commission can save you a significant amount of money to help you for your future plans.

How long do you take to buy my property?

The average time to complete a sale is normally around 5 to 6 weeks. This time can be quicker, depending on your specific requirements. That means that we can potentially purchase your property within days if needed.

How long can I rent the house for after the sale?

We offer a flexible timescale for you to stay in the house after its sale. You can choose to stay in the house from 6 months to years, depending on your circumstances and your requirements.

Can you arrange solicitors to help me sell my house?

Yes. We will be happy to arrange a solicitor to help in the sale of your house. Better still, we will even offer to pay up to £500 of your legal costs for selling your house.

How quickly can you give me an offer?

We aim to offer you a price during the initial conversation, as long we have sufficient information about your property.

Do I have to accept your offer?

No, Our offer is obligation free and you are free to make your own decision.

Do I have to rent the property back after the sale?

No. You are free to leave the property after you sell it to us. The rent back option is offered to you as an added option, if you felt that you preferred to stay in the property